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Dr. Karen Wright, O.D.

Dr. Jennifer Mahurin graduated from the University of Missouri-St Louis School of Optometry in 2000. She previously earned a BS in biochemistry at the University of Missouri-Columbia. 

Dr. Mahurin practiced in Effingham, Illinois and the LensCrafters at Northwest Plaza before joining the staff of Wright Vision in 2005.

Dr. Jennifer Mahurin, O.D.

Dr. Karen Wright has been providing eye care for over 20 years and started independent practice in 2002. LensCrafters recognized her as one of the top ten doctors in the country for patient satisfaction, and number one in the central region in 2004. 

Dr. Wright graduated from the School of Optometry at the University of Missouri-St Louis in 1989. She previously earned an RN degree from Barnes Hospital School of Nursing.

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